Warcraft The Beginning was surprisingly a lot of fun! Check out my review below!

Warcraft:The Beginning Review

Warcraft The Beginning was a movie I wasn’t expecting a huge amount going into. Another video game movie adaptation, which had gone through production hell over many years and attempts and was surely doomed, as was the general consensus, long before the movie had ever released. Continue reading “Warcraft:The Beginning Review”


Grow Home Review

Climbing is like any other basic human instinct, we love doing it. Thinking back to when I was young, whenever I was outside I would find the biggest tree, judge whether I could reach the top and start my adventure. The curiosity, the challenge and exhilaration of reaching the next highest branch and going ever higher was, and still is pure fun. Grow Home aims to relive the feeling of exhalation when climbing and take it to new heights. Continue reading “Grow Home Review”