Studio Ghibli Comes To Australia And Why I Couldn’t Be More Excited!

When people ask me what TV shows I’m watching at the moment, I tell them I don’t watch ‘TV’ or TV shows that much anymore. Besides the odd binge of a new series close to my heart, such as Master of None or Avatar the Last Airbender, this is largely true. What I do watch though is a hell of a lot of anime. Now … Continue reading Studio Ghibli Comes To Australia And Why I Couldn’t Be More Excited!

Pokémon Forever – 20th Anniversary

Throughout my childhood there were a number of fantastic video game series which influenced not only my gaming tastes, but had a profound effect on me as a person too. One of these brilliant and revolutionary game series, and to this day is still as relevant and popular as ever, is the historic and well-known Pokémon series.

While growing up, I loved handheld games (and still too to this day!), and Pokémon was a huge part of that. I can still remember playing through versions Blue and Continue reading “Pokémon Forever – 20th Anniversary”

What a year for gaming in 2015.

My Personal Picks in Gaming for 2015

Video games have seen many ups and downs as a medium and as a creative industry in its short history. Right now though, I don’t think it has ever been better for gaming. In 2015 we saw the continued growth and rise of the indie development scene, the current generation consoles finally finding their feet, and greater diversity and equality for women and ethnic demographics in video games, and the industry/working force itself. Along with all these encouraging and important changes to the industry as a whole, we saw what I believe to be, the greatest and most diverse line ups of games ever.

From teenage girls rewinding time, to rocket car football/soccer, never have I Continue reading “My Personal Picks in Gaming for 2015”