Virtual Reality

Looking To VR For The Future

A New Year always brings me excitement, not only at the chance for new beginnings, such as promising this will be the year I truly focus at uni, or getting into that wicked fitness routine I have always wanted to do, but at the prospect of change. Regardless of being big or small, change is important and
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Has Australia's classification system really evolved? Or are we stuck with the same old problems?

A new era of video game classification in Australia

On a warm Sunday morning in Melbourne, I found myself sitting and waiting in a dark panel room at the Melbourne convention centre. I sat, with hundreds of other intrigued listeners, eagerly awaiting Continue reading “A new era of video game classification in Australia”

The Death of Triple A Studios in Australia and Where To Now?

Sighs of disappointment, the surprised looks and the feeling of loss as news spreads, invoking feelings all too often felt. Media scrambling, news feeds exploding, fans dismissive and veterans eroding.   Offices emptied, people moved, promises broken and finally, doors closed. The result of an Continue reading “The Death of Triple A Studios in Australia and Where To Now?”

Freemium in the Games Industry

Recently I took a summer course at university (University of Adelaide) called Creating Digital Media Ventures as I mentioned in a previous post. I talked about my experiences with WordPress and gave more background information about myself.

For one essay I wrote for the course was about the ‘freemium’ business model, explaining what it is and what the advantages of the model are. Examples were needed and of course, being such a big fan of games, whenever I have the chance I incorporate gaming into any of my work for university. So I thought I would post it here since its gaming related. There are references throughout the essay because you know, when you write academically you need to actually reference your work, so I decided to include the reference list in case anyone wanted to know where I gathered all my information from. Continue reading “Freemium in the Games Industry”

Where'd it go!?

Inspiration and transition – Podcast Beyond evolving

Two of my favorite video game journalists quit their jobs a few days ago. The news stunned me.

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