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That one time in Korea – Credit Olivia Rohrlach.

Hi! I’m Seamus John Mullins, an Australian journalist, media critic and fiction writer currently residing in Adelaide, South Australia. Currently I work in the video game industry doing journalism, public relations, marketing, community management and writing/production.

I’ve worked with several video game and tech companies including Blizzard Entertainment, Devolver Digital, tinyBuild Games, Daedalic Entertainment, Hi-rez Studios, Cygames, Plantronics, Razer, various indie developers and more! Hit me up if you have a cool game you’ll think I’ll dig.

I’m currently writing about games and pop culture at OK Beast, Geek Bomb (and here of course!). I’ve previously written about video games for Press Start Australia and  OnlySinglePlayer. Once upon a time I hosted a video game/chiptune radio show at Radio Adelaide called Pixels Rising, plus guested on a bunch of other video game radio shows and podcasts. I hope to get back into radio when the time is right because it is just so much fun and perfect for me.

Despite writing for a few publications already, there is always interesting topics and ideas which I want to write about, whether it be about videogames, movies (I hit up a cinema at least once a week), anime (don’t watch much ‘TV’ these days, anime has kinda replaced it!), comics and music which doesn’t fit anywhere else. So I share them here! Along with more personal updates about my career and journey through the video game industry.

Although I work more so in communications at the moment, I hope to make anime/music/films/videogames myself one day, which can have some sort of effect on other people in the world and help bring something new and interesting to them. But regardless, I always want to be sharing the incredible, beautiful and talented work of others, who inspire and motivate me everyday, which I do regularly on Twitter (along with sharing beautiful fan art and spicy memes).

Hope you stay for a while, enjoy some of my thoughts here and don’t be afraid to comment! I love chatting about the things I love with strangers on the internet, it has to be one of my favourite hobbies nowadays!


Seamus J Mullins

Hope you stick around, lets go on adventure together and see where it leads us!
Hope you stick around, lets go on adventure together.

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