Sean invited me back onto 'We The Gamercast' to chat the E3 2016 Sony press conference! (Image credit to Sean Capri & We The Nerdy)

We The Gamercast E3 2016 Reactions – Sony

In the led up to E3 2016 my friend Sean Capri, a lovely Canadian who I met through the Kinda Funny Facebook group, asked if I’d be interested in joining him again on ‘We The Gamercast‘, which is a video game focused podcast on the pop culture and geek centric website, ‘We The Nerdy.  

Sean interviewed me on the show December last year, as the first episode of his new revamped version of this stellar podcast. Now he interviews members of online video game communities to chat to them about their history with games, delves into their backgrounds and learns
more about the fantastic gaming communities we have!

I was invited back on the podcast for an E3 special episode, to go back over our predictions and reactions to the insane Sony E3 2016 press conference. We were also joined by Kaylie Woomer, who is another member of the Kinda Funny community, and chatted about whether we are excited for the Crash Bandicoot remasters, why nothing compares to The Last of Us and why the VR Star Wars X Wing mission/game has sold Sean on the PlayStation VR on ‘We The Gamercast Episode 36: E3 2016 Reactions – Sony’.

You can find it on the We The Nerdy website and on iTunes too!


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