D1DLC – Guest Appearance

In a funny and wonderful coincidence, at the same time I started up Pixels Rising, my video game radio show back in March this year, D1DLC, a video game podcast also based in Adelaide, started up at the exact same time!

D1DLC are a video game focused podcast (although they love all forms of geeky culture) who are a bunch of friends who love games and love their local gaming community even more. They conduct interviews with people involved in the local gaming industry in South Australia, go to and cover local events and give their opinions on the biggest news in the video game industry.

Plus they are a bunch of incredibly friendly, nice and fun guys who I’ve been lucky enough to chat with and meet on a number of occasions since we started our respective shows. We are even planning AVCon and AUS PAX panels together, so stay tuned for more information on those as we draw closer to each event!

But since they started up, Brad, the creator and host of D1DLC has been wanting to get me on their show as a co-host/guest, and it finally happened! We chatted the Uncharted series, Stellaris, Nintendo movies, Total War and Brad tried to burn bridges with Bethesda all on Episode 12: Ranty McRantface.


You can also find D1DLC on iTunes and on the podcasts app Pocketcasts!


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