I’m a Scottaholic and proud of it!

I’m sure many of you have one particular franchise or series, a story or tale, which you love more than other show or movie. It’s your guilty pleasure, the thing you come back to year after year, even though you’ve played it, read it and or watched it a million times before. It has this ability to consume you, in a good way! Being truly and utterly absorbed in something and immersed is one of the best feelings, and lately, I have been feeling it all over again, going back over my favourite series.

It’s a series you probably have heard of before, most likely from its movie adaptation, but originally was a graphic novel, published by Onipress.

To quote the great Joss Whedon about the series:

It’s the best book ever. It is the Chronicle of our time. With Kung Fu, so, yeah: Perfect

Still wondering?

Well the cover photo might off of given it away, but it’s:

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Easily my favourite thing ever, the movie, graphic novels, game and everything else you can think of I love. I personally have more SP vs the W merchandise than anyone else I know! (Well I don’t know anyone else who likes it enough to have any merch of it, but anyway).

The story is about a guy called Scott Pilgrim, in-between jobs, plays bass in a crappy band and still recovering from a big break up from over a year ago. But all of this is irrelevant when he meets a girl called Ramona. However, in order to be with her, he must defeat her seven evil exes, which is the main element of the story. Its a great story, with lots of wit and humor, fantastic visuals and interesting characters, and one I would recommend to anyone!

One scene from the books showing off all of the main characters together chilling <3
One scene from the books showing off all of the main characters together chilling ❤

Originally I first watched the movie back in 2010 (I think, it was a while ago). My brother had it on his hard drive and we were just sitting around watching movies all day. Never, had I ever heard of the series before, somehow I had not even seen anything about it when it came to theaters. …. Well, it was probably one of the first movies which I wanted to watch again straight away as soon as the credits started to roll. It became one of my favourite movies, the type you watch every year, and if you could, just watch all the time.

It wasn’t until late 2012 though when I first started reading the graphic novels. After finishing my final year of high/secondary school, I decided to travel (my parents forced me, which I really appreciate now) to Singapore for my end of high school celebration. It was there, in Singapore, browsing one of the largest bookstores I had ever seen, in the middle of the shopping district, that I found the full collection of the SP vs the W graphic novels.

I bought it without a second thought, and have never regretted it!

The novels, are, amazing. The movie is one thing, but these books were just fantastic, so much more detail, background story and content in general. It lead to me becoming an even bigger fan, owning posters, wearing shirts and jumpers based on the series and even writing about it for a job! I usually reread them every year at some point. For a week I’ll do nothing else as I become consumed in them, forsaking everything else, just to have more time to read them over.

However, its not just for the entertainment element of reading them that is important to me. The story focuses on relationships, and the turmoil, joy and heartbreak involved, and how hard it can be to move on or start again. Each year when I read the novels again, I understand the story and the feelings of the characters more, just from my own life and relationships experiences. And there is some good lessons to be learnt in the story, some of which I have taken to heart more this year than any other.

The covers of the magical and beautiful graphic novels of SP vs the W
The covers of the magical and beautiful graphic novels of SP vs the W

Now this article was meant to just be a little post about how I wrote a new opinion piece for OnlySP, the video game website I write for. But I ended up just going on a tangent, but that’s OK. Really, I believe everyone should write. A diary, blog, anything, just as a way to reflect on everything in your life.


There’s a link to the article below. It’s about how I believe Scott Pilgrim vs the World would make a great fighter. The idea came when I was watching the movie with a bunch of my friends recently, who are all into video games and are actually studying to become programmers and designers. We just kept talking about the visuals and fight scenes and how it just seemed so perfect as a fighter. But you can read more about it at OnlySP! If you are as much a fan of SP vs the W, let me know! Or if you have one franchise or series you feel the same way about tell me about it, I would love to hear about it 🙂



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