Warcraft The Beginning was surprisingly a lot of fun! Check out my review below!

Warcraft:The Beginning Review

Warcraft The Beginning was a movie I wasn’t expecting a huge amount going into. Another video game movie adaptation, which had gone through production hell over many years and attempts and was surely doomed, as was the general consensus, long before the movie had ever released. Continue reading “Warcraft:The Beginning Review”

Sean invited me back onto 'We The Gamercast' to chat the E3 2016 Sony press conference! (Image credit to Sean Capri & We The Nerdy)

We The Gamercast E3 2016 Reactions – Sony

In the led up to E3 2016 my friend Sean Capri, a lovely Canadian who I met through the Kinda Funny Facebook group, asked if I’d be interested in joining him again on ‘We The Gamercast‘, which is a video game focused podcast on the pop culture and geek centric website, ‘We The Nerdy.   Continue reading “We The Gamercast E3 2016 Reactions – Sony”